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All Time Leaders
This contest has been online for 14 years. Many of the participants have been competing for most , if not all of that time.  That should be enough data to determine how the players rank against each other.  I have established a system to award points based on the order of finish each year.  This is based on a system used in Track and Field.  A first place finish earn a player 10 points.  2nd place, 8; 3rd place 6, 4th place is worth 4 points, 5th place 2 and 6th place will earn a single point.  These points will be scored beginning with the 2004 tournament. 

KICK THE KING All Time Individual Leaders
Place Player Points
1 Ben Ledsinger 36
2 Kenneth Alley 25
3 Mark McGuire 21
4 Char Herndon 20
5 Sherrie Nischwitz 19
6 John 'The King' Conroy 18
7t John Modzelewski 17
7t David Rogers 17
9 Don Autry 16
10t David Walker 14
10t Craig Herndon 14
12 Ray Herndon 14*
13t Hayden Cook 10
13t Casey Wilder 10
13t Dorchelle Spence 10
13t John Leoncavallo 10
13t Mark Alley 10
13t Nate Taylor 10
13t Shelly Alley 10
13t Judy Alley 10
13t Walt Sieggreen 10
13t Bawan Qaladize 10
13t David Nischwitz 10
25t James Pegg 9
25t Mark Saunders 9
28t Bob Sweeney 8
28t Tom Lawrence 8
28t Beth Rogers 8
28t Sharon Dertien 8
32 William Dean 7
33t Catherine (DelBove) Holmes 6
33t Robert Peterson 6
35t Manoocher Tanhaee 5
35t Russell Webb 5
38t Liam Chew 4
38t Valerie Muhammad 4
38t Ryan Groves 4
41t Sam Harris 4
41t George Alley 3
41 Tim Herndon 3
43t Thomas Warren 2*
43t Will Sawtelle 2
43t Chee Chew 2
43t Scott Baker 2
43t Evan Boulanger 2*
43t Audra Alley 2*
49t Melissa Johnson 1
49t Joey Pleasants 1
49t Sieed Tanhaee 1
* Due to a tie score, one half of one point was awarded to each, then rounded up.